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A tailored approach to OSH training based on interactive training complex

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According to statistics the main causes of occupational accidents are workers’ incompetent actions. The lack of protective equipment and the usage of unsafe tools are left in the background.
The competence in occupational safety is the worker’s ability to work independently, observing the occupational safety requirements. This ability is based on personal traits, knowledge, skills, habits of work and the experience in occupational safety.

The probable harm level depends on worker’s competence level. The competence is divided into 4 levels:
- the actions of the competent worker may lead to the insignificant breach of occupational safety requirements, low risks realization and low harm to health;
- the actions of uninformed worker may lead to the essential breach of occupational safety requirements, essential risks realization and essential and low harm to health;
- the actions of incompetent worker may lead to the rough violations of occupational safety requirements, high risks realization, serious injury, essential and low harm to health;
- the actions of dangerously incompetent worker may lead to the fatal violations of occupational safety requirements, fatal risks realization, the harm to health of all the levels, including death.

The modern video informational technologies can be conventionally divided into the section of worker’s competence development and the section of control of the worker’s competence level. For the development of worker’s competence there are innovative methods, which influence upon different components of the competence.
Their aim of the approach is to shape the initial habits of safe work, to inspire in worker the confidence, that his personal competent actions increase his safety.
The video instructions are the new audio-visual form of assistance during the occupational safety trainings. It includes the review of harmful and dangerous occupational factors, safe methods and habits of work, and also the requirements of occupational safety.

The training model includes:
- a special psychophysiological algorithm, that enables the high level of perception of the instructions’ texts and the efficient consolidation in the workers’ inner space. In the algorithm are widely used the psychological techniques, which improve the quality of memorizing of the educational issues.
- interactive multimedia programs, which are the structured bank of multimedia pieces of safe work, where the trainee is not only a spectator, but the character, who has to make decisions and perform certain actions. The consequences of incorrect actions are also demonstrated.
- the detailed analysis on the example of 3D model piece, showing the breach of occupational safety requirements and its tragic consequences, involves the strongest, so called, emotional memory and helps in more efficient memorizing of the information.
- personal and collective virtual simulators.

To evaluate the worker’s competence and its components there is a special examiner, which provides the control of worker’s knowledge in occupational safety. For control are generally used text questionnaires on basic and special requirements as well as interactive video files and 3D models, created on the basis of analysis of accidents. Incorrect answer and probable incompetent actions are commented.
For interactive control of first aid knowledge are generally used interactive video files. Incorrect answer and probable incompetent actions are commented. The examining terminal is created on a base of client-server architecture, supports the wireless data transmission and provides the possibility to use budget-priced tablet PCs. The results of examination are collected in the single data base of workers’ competence.
Before allowed to work workers have to pass a quick test. The vandal resistant before-shift examining terminal makes possible the massive personal control of workers’ knowledge through rapid (10-20 seconds) testing before the shift. It guarantees massive and efficient memorizing of methods and habits of safe work.
It enforces the workers to work safely permanently and massively. Incorrect answer and probable incompetent actions are commented. Computer examiner “Competence level control” and before shift examiner actively stimulate workers’ self-tuition in occupational safety issues.
Objective and operative control and maintenance of adequate level of workers’ competence provide the efficient functioning of all the main elements of the occupational safety management system, such as: competent policy, competent organization, competent planning and implementation, competent evaluation, competent action on improvement.